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Tweezers Set with Case

Tweezers Set with Case

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This is great professional tweezer set of 3 from Love It. It comes nicely packaged in black leather pouch which makes it keeping the tweezers all together in one place handy and convenient to use. The pouch is made of nice quality and is compact so I can easily carry this to work in purse or weekend trip luggage. It has three sockets for each of tweezer so no clutter and I can easily store tweezer in the pouch which also ensures they are protected.

Silver one has pointed tip. This one works well with those hard to get stubborn hairs( ingrown). It is very sharp, I am not very steady with the hand so it makes this one a little more difficult to use for me around my eyes. It makes a great first aid tool, for those pesky splinters.

The Black one has a Slanted tip is the perfect angle for tweezing You can get quite close to your skin and have no trouble pulling the hair out to its root. Perfect for stubborn hairs.

Straight Pink = These straight tweezers functions as a very good all-around tweezer. It’s not only great for women who have been tweezing for many years, these're well-suited to a young woman just learning how to use a tweezer. These straight tweezers are perfect at that stray hair or 2.

Product Description

Size:3pcs Set

Trying to pull out a troublesome splinter?
Tired of gluing your fingers together when applying fake eyelashes? 
Losing a screw from the hinge on your glasses? 
Scared of the massive ball of hair stuck in your shower drain? 
Sick of trying to thread needles with nearly-invisible thread?

You need tweezers!

Make difficult tasks easy with the right tools. Our Love It tweezers are perfect
for grabbing, twisting, shaping and holding on to anything that's too delicate,
small, fragile, or hard to grasp with your hands.

These tweezers are built to last. Too often, tweezers are made with cheap
material and careless manufacturing standards. This means that they quickly bend
out of alignment and become useless. We don't want that to happen to you... which
is why we build our tweezers out of stainless steel, machined carefully to come
together in exactly the right position.

A variety of tips for a variety of jobs. When you're handling anything
small or fragile, the shape of your tweezers becomes extra important. That's why
our Love It tweezer set ships with three different sizes of tool: standard,
slanted, and extra-small. They're sharp, too-perfect for dislodging splinters or
pulling that one annoying hair.

And because they're sharp, we ship our Love It tweezers with a stylish leather
carrying case, perfect for keeping them safe and protecting the other objects in
your purse.

No more squinting and fumbling when you try to do delicate jobs - order your 
set of Love It tweezers today!

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