Saturday, January 14, 2017

Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Set

Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Set 

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(My Review)

Being a young woman i love having pretty looking nails.
I Never feel myslef if they are not done up and looking pretty.

I use to always where acrylics but after years of doing that
my nails were damaged pretty badly. 

From the nail tech using the drill to much and it really 
messed up my nails for a long time. So i figured i would take my 
fake nails off and let my real nails get healthy again.

So this kit came at the perfect time! 

The case it comes in is super strong and have great weight to
it so it will not easily break or crack.

These are the things that comes in the kit!
Perfect for traveling as well!

What Is In The Package: 
• 1 x Tweezers 
• 1 x Cuticle Clipper 
• 1 x Eyebrow scissor 
• 3 x Nail Clippers (small one, big one, bevel one) 
• 1 x Nail file 
• 1 x Ear pick 
• 1 x V shape Cuticle pusher 
• 1 x U shape Cuticle pusher 
• 1 x Pealing knife 
• 1 x Pealing fork

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