Saturday, August 12, 2017

Hard Wax Hair Removal

Hard Wax Hair Removal
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(My Review)

I really wanted to like this hard wax as I have used other hard
 waxes before and never had the complications that I had with this hard wax.

I had quite the adventure when it came to this wax I put 
it in the microwave like it says it can. I put it in a glass bowl 
because I figured that would be the easiest thing to remove the wax 
out of when I was done. FYI I never got it out of the glass bowl and I had 
to throw it away LOL.. 

I also had to throw away the butter knife that I used 
because I couldn't get the wooden spatula to work either so i threw both of those away. 
When I went to use this wax I melted it down as good as I can but it 
never went on my leg evenly. 

When I remove the wax it took some hair out
 in patches and the leftover wax that was left on my leg took me days
 to fully get off. 

I was told to give an honest review and unfortunately this one 
is not a good one as I stated in my video if anyone has any ideas to help me make 
this wax work I would greatly appreciate it and I would try anything so I can at least 
change my review I hate to give a bad review but honesty is honesty.. 

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