Thursday, January 4, 2018

Ely's & Co Waterproof Plush Change Pad

Ely's & Co Waterproof Plush Change Pad 

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I love this changing pad cover.
It is chevron print so its good for either gender.

It is plush velvet with a protective backing on the
back side of the cover. 

I'm guessing its a one size fits all because 
there is no size on the box so i'm sure it will
work with any changing pad.

It is crazy soft and thick so it wont rip.

  • Waterproof: Changing Pad Cover with Waterproof Changing Pad Liner Protection. This Changing Pad Cover is Lined with Waterproof TPU Material to prevent leakage.
  • Unisex and Comfortable, Soft Plush Material: 100% High Quality Velvet Cotton in soft grey color ideal for both baby boy and baby girl
  • Convenient Sizes: Fits Changing Table Pads with Slits for Most Safety Straps. Dimensions: 32 x 16 x 5 inches
  • Easy Clean: Machine washable, 100% Natural Cotton Velvet
  • Superior Safety: Tight elastic band, doubly reinforced for durability with TPU waterproof lining to protect your changing pads from any leaks ,Superior reinforcement for snug change pad cover fit

Product description

All in one: Waterproof Changing Pad Cover with Waterproof Changing Pad Liner
Our Waterproof Changing Pad Cover is lined throughout with Eco-friendly TPU especially designed to prevent leakage, so no changing pad liner is necessary. Clean up is a breeze and your Changing Pad are fully protected.
Soft and Plush: 100% Velvet Cotton 
Our Waterproof Changing Pad Cover is composed of velvet fabric. Made from 100% high quality velvet cotton, babies love our changing pad cover, as they offer a soft, welcoming texture .
Flexible Fit: Perfect for Changing Pads 
Our universal fit allows most standard changing pads and has slits that accommodate most safety straps. With a uniquely designed, flexible and generous elastic, our changing pad cover easily covers your changing pad while simultaneously offering a tight seal, enabling a great fit on multiple sized changing pads.
A Fit of Comfort: Snug & Sound. 
All changing pad covers are reinforced twice with a thick elastic band, enabling you to rest assured that your baby is safe, snug and sound. Our signature feature ensures that there is no bunching, ill-fitting, or too-loose fit on our changing pad covers, avoiding hazardous situations and creating an exceptionally safe environment for rest.
For Baby Girl or Boy 
The cool, classy grey color in a Chevron design offers the ideal bedding décor for your precious baby girl or boy. Our fabric washes beautifully, with stains and dirt easily washing away, leaving our waterproof changing pad cover in pristine condition.

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