Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Auperwel Wax Warmer Waxing Kit

Auperwel Wax Warmer Waxing Kit

You know i really wanted to like this wax melter 
and i wanted to like the wax it's self but sadly it
just didn't work out for me. I followed the instructions
just like it says and it still didn't melt correctly and it 
didn't pull the hair off of my legs like i would have hoped.

I let the wax melt even more and still nothing works to remove
the hair like you would expect this wax melter to do..

If anyone has any other tips to make this thing work 
out better for me please give me your tips because 
i just can't seem to make it work for me and have given
up trying to make it work.. 

Now the good parts is i do like that they send you plenty
of wax in the box to get you started so you don't have to run
out and buy wax before you can use the melter.

Other than that that't it! Have a great day guys!!

About the product

  • 100% QUALITY HARD WAX KIT SO YOU GET RESULTS AND VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY – Are you looking for a reliable and longer lasting way of removing hair? You can count on Auperwel FCC certified wax warmer, come with 4 bags of special natural ingredients FDA approved wax beans, Auperwel hard wax kit is a 100% safe to use and top-quality product that’ll give you the 98% hair remover result and really value for your money. Achieve a smooth, more shinning and glittering skin today!
  • HAIR REMOVAL WAX FOR FULL BODY, SUCH AS LEGS, ARMPIT, BIKINI AREA, EYEBROW – Is unwanted Hair ruining your dream of beach, baking, pool parties, or nice fashion cloth? Auperwel hair removal kit not only remove unnecessary hair, but also smooth and firm your beauty skin among many other things. It doesn’t matter whether the hair is coarse, Auperwel Hard Wax Beans will do the job!
  • WITH AUPERWEL WAX, QUALITY AND EFFECTIVENESS IS FIRST: Auperwl wax warmer kit is designed with the best materials in order to give a high quality and standard, it offers durable ABS heat assistant material, high quality 3 pin copper wire. Moreover, Auperwel hair removal kit designed with effective high power 120W and most accurate temperature knob among waxing products all over the market.
  • EASY TO USE WITH ACCURATE TEMPERATURE KNOB: Compare with other wax kits available in the market, Auperwel wax warmer gives you 110-185℉ accurate adjustable temperature knob. First rotate the temp knob to max 185℉ for 8 minutes, and when all wax beans has melted, you can then rotate and keep on the knob on 125℉ to maintain ideal wax consistency. Auperwel waxing kit can be used anywhere you go and at any time of the day making you feel like a boss! No more uncomfortable feeling! It is your time t
  • YOU GET A SKIN BRIGHTENING ALL IN ONE HARD WAX BEAN KIT, OR YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Auperwel DIY wax warmer kit come with 4 packs hard wax beans and 20pcs wax spatulas, get an amazing at home hair removal wax kit like a master! If for some reason you are not happy with this wax beans kit, we’ll make it right and process a refund for you. Shop from a reputable brand that’s trusted by thousands of customers!

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