Saturday, July 1, 2017

HSI Argan Oil Heat Protectant for Hair

HSI Argan Oil Heat Protectant for Hair

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(My Review)

The first thing I noticed about the product was how great it smelled 
second was how nongreasy it was third was how after using 
the spray in my hair I didn't have the smell of burning hair 
when I use the straightener because it was being protected now
I straighten my hair on a daily basis, so having a good thermal protector 
is a must i have been unable to find a comparable brand that smells good, 
works well, and truly seems to protect my hair from the heat. 
That was, until I tried HSI Professional's Thermal Protector!

I love everything that HSI sells. I love their hair straightener 
so this works perfect together!

This spray protectors hair up to 450 degrees and has Argan Oil 
in it to keep your hair feeling soft and silky

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