Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Royalbox Home Spinner Cell Phone Case

Royalbox Home Spinner Cell Phone Case

(My Review)

I love this phone case! That fact that it is also i fidget spinner is a plus! 
It is very well made and strong plastic. It fits my husband's work phone well.

Now to the bad part. I ordered this phone case for the iPhone 7 Plus
and they sent me the iPhone 7 so needless to say it doesn't fit my phone
and it is to girly looking for my husband to use so now its pretty useless
for us. 

Other than that there is a slight lip on the sides of the case to prevent
screens from cracking and stuff..

So all in all its a good case but wont be able to use it
for my self and my phone so i will try to find a family
member or friend that can use this case.

  • 【Fidget Cell Phone Case】New idea,new invention,cell phone case integrated with high speed rotating ring holder,not only an cellphone case,but also a fidget toy,helps people who have mobile phone addiction, such as addicting to mobile phone social apps or mobile phone games
  • 【5 Functions All in 1 Case】Multifunction:iphone case,iphone stand,iphone holder,easy to be adsorbed on the magnetic car mount holder,and a spinner case
  • 【Support Multiple iPhone Models】Suitable for iphone6,iphone 6S,iphone7,perfectly fit
  • 【Develop Creativity,Develop Intelligence】By the use of some drawing apps or kaleidoscope apps,when the cell phone rotates,the phone shows various patterns and colorful pictures,just like a kaleidoscope which can develop children's imagination
  • 【Let The Baby Stop Crying】Rotating your phone in front of baby by the use of this spinner case,the baby immediately stop crying,time-tested

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