Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Ozziko 10 Large Vacuum Storage Bags

Ozziko 10 Large Vacuum Storage Bags 

(My Review)
This is a great product and I am very happy with the benefit of this purchase.

The plastic is heavy and of good quality and constructed to last. 
I've long been a fan of rolling up my garments to save space and reduce wrinkling, 
but these bags save even more suitcase space. Eliminating air by rolling
 it out frees up more room than you'd expect. The bags did open very easily 
so that you can put your things in them without a fight. I also love the fact 
that you are able to see through the plastic to know what is in there without
 having to open it. They keep things clean from odors, bugs, moths, dirt and dampness. 
The big advantage is you do not need a vacuum, you simply are able 
to push the air out and it holds the clothing in!
It saves a lot of space and I am very satisfied with my choice.

  • MAXIMIZE YOUR LUGGAGE SPACE - SAVE 75% EXTRA SPACE WHEN PACKING. Save valuable storage space in your future travels for additional clothes, blankets, pillows & towels. Say goodbye to oversized bags - Easily pack all your wardrobe in your suitcase, briefcase, backpack or trolley.
  • NO NEED FOR A VACUUM PUMP - EASILY ROLL TO SAVE SPACE. Ozziko’s reusable organizing storage bags were designed with a built in valve-suction, which allows airtight compression for saving space. Simply Place your clothes in the bag, tight the zippers, roll the bag, and the excessive air will be easily released from the bottom part of the bag.
  • A PACK OF 10 BAGS FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS - 5 LARGE BAGS (23.5’’ X 16’’) + 5 X-LARGE BAGS (27.5’’ X 19.5’’). Designed to fit both Small & Extra-Large objects. Great for packing lingerie, underwears, bras, drawers, sock & shoes, sweaters, jackets, jeans, suits, coats, blankets & pillows.
  • GREAT FOR TRAVELERS, CAMPERS & HIKERS. Keep that in mind when trying to fit all your belongings in your backpack before your next adventure. These space saver bags are also great for keeping your dirty laundry separated from your clean clothes. Great for storing off-season garments and sheets.
  • WATERPROOF, DURABLE & REUSABLE. Storage bags are made with isolated, waterproof plastic, which will keep your clothes safe from dust, odors, mold & bacteria to prevent it from damages. Made with double zippers for extra protection. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - love it or your money back.

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