Monday, September 7, 2015

First Year Soft Cloth Baby Books for Infants - Set of 3

First Year Soft Cloth Baby Books for Infants - Set of 3
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These books are fantastic! Unlike the board books baby can chew on these and NOT risk getting paper in their mouth and we all know how babies like to chew things. I also like that these can be washed, having daycare kids at the house and sick seasons coming it is nice to be able to know I can clean these books and disinfect them.

These are great little cloth books. Perfect for a baby or toddler because they can not tear up the pages. They are durable and will not come apart at all. They can bend them, squish them, pull on them, even chew on them and it will be fine. Since they are cloth you can even wash it if you want or need to. Each one comes with a ribbon hook attached so you can hang these up. You get a set of three, the ones we got are all about animals you get farm animals, ocean animals, and jungle animals. Each page has a very cute vibrant picture of an animal in it's natural home. It's a great way to introduce baby to animal names, sounds, etc. Other then the name of the animal it doesn't have any words so it's fun for imaginative story telling, you can let them make up the story or make it up yourself. Lots of fun with this set and it makes a wonderful gift idea! 

About the Product

  • Like Persons, My Orchard, and ABC's (Books may Vary) in Wonderful Colors
  • No Loose Pieces For Your Baby to Pull off
  • A Babies Earliest Learning Happens Through Their Senses
  • Includes Sewn in Squeak Toy
  • Washable Without fading

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