Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pacifier Clip 3 Pack Sold by CAJM Supplies

Pacifier Clip 3 Pack Sold by CAJM Supplies
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As a new mom you definitely need plenty of pacifiers and pacifier clips
and with this item you get a set of 3!
The colors the send are  gender neutral so you can give them as a gift
even if you dont know what the sex of the baby will be!

They are super easy to clip the pacifier. They snap onto clothing pretty easily, but they're a little hard to get off which is PERFECT for busy babies.

 Its not made specifically for one brand of pacifier, so its easy to attach them all! 

Disclosure: This item was sent to me  complimentary for review purposes. However, the opinions expressed are honest and my own.

Product Description

diddiboo Pacifier Clips Pack of 3
Our diddiboo Pacifier Clips come in three bright colorful designs that will compliment any garment and accessory.
Best Unisex Pacifier Clip Set for Girls and Boys.
The strong metal clip attaches to a convenient position without causing damage.It is the perfect length for a variety of positions
The strong flexible cord attaches to the pacifier either by looping itself through the pacifier handle or looping the cord around the pacifier
No need to limit this clip to pacifiers.It can be used to secure any number of things including, teething ring toys, stuffed animals and baby blankets.
Safety Information
DO NOT leave pacifier clip on unsupervised baby. Remove the clip holder during nap or bedtime or whenever they are out of your sight to avoid strangulation or suffocation. Before each use check for signs of wear and tear.

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