Sunday, October 9, 2016

Dead Sea Collagen Face Mask

iBeautyLabs Premium Dead 
Sea Collagen Face Mask
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(My Review)

I wasn't sure what to expect when doing this mask
but as son as i opened the package it was in and
touched the mask i was super excited to use it!

It is so hydrating and cooling and feels amazing
on my face! The only thing i dont like is that you
have to keep your head tipped back to prevent
it from slipping off your face but in a way that
only makes sense really. So if you want to do a
mask and relax this is the mask for you!

It didnt say how long to leave it on for it didnt
come with directions or ingredients but thats ok.

So i left it on for 20 minutes and when i took it
off WOAH did my skin feel amazing!!

I live in Florida so having dry skin is normal.

I am in love with this mask thank god you get
5 masks!! Cant wait to use them again!!

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I received this item at a discount in
exchange for my honest review. I was
not paid or compensated, nor am I
affiliated with this seller in any way.
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