Friday, September 1, 2017

2 Piece Foot File Set-Double Sided Callus Remover

2 Piece Foot File Set-Double Sided Callus Remover

I have tried so many things when it comes to my feet.
I have tried every peel you can think of and they work for 
a few days or weeks and then my feet get rough and hard 
all over again. So when i got my hands on these files i was
so excited to give them a try!

If you want to take some callouses off, these will do it 
and then some! Be careful you don't take too much off. 
Very solidly made. The metal one comes with a cap. 
It will catch all the dead skin, and when your done clip it on 
the other way to cover up the sharp side.

About the product
  • Best Method To Remove Calluses: This is the best professional callus remover designed to remove thick calluses, annoying corns,cracked skin, crusty skin on toes and stubborn dead skin. It works efficiently that makes your skin feel like a newborn baby’s skin, It also helps you avoid embarrassing situations like scraped your stockings due to rough skin.
  • Stay Away From Hurting Feet: You may have experienced foot injury and pain when using aggressive foot files. Try this pedicure foot file which is designed in the correct sharpness, Specially designed miniature blades around the foot file holes will get rid of calluses efficiently but are gentle to the skin. Safe frosted surface, dual sided pedicure tool provides all-around effective friction to remove thick calluses and dead skin without hurting feet.
  • Stainless Steel Pedicure Foot File With Cover: Are You concerned with dead skin sloughed from your feet making a mess? Our specially designed pedicure foot file with cover solves your concern. With this cover dead skin will be collected to avoid falling on your floor and making a mess, otherwise, the cover will protect the blade when you don’t use it.
  • Dual Foot File Tool: Double sided coarse and fine foot file tool offers you two choices. The innovative raised surface, with sunflower pattern, coarse side is used to get rid of heavy calluses, thick cuticles, dead skin, and other related problem areas. The fine textured abrasive surface is to grind and massage your feet, to make feet smooth and soft. You can choose the side to use based on your needs.
  • Suitable For Wet And Dry Use: The waterproof feature assures that you can use our callus removal tool set in wet and dry conditions so that there is no need to pre-soak your feet in water. Please remember to wash your feet fully after using this callus removal tool, and your crusty feet will become smooth and soft again!

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