Friday, September 22, 2017

HIKIN Car Phone Mount

HIKIN Car Phone Mount
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This is a really cool product. I love the small and compact size, 
and the strength of the magnets is really strong, so it holds my phone well. 
The ball magnet is great, as it allows for easy directional moving of your phone.

I can easily use my phone when necessary during my driving, meanwhile
 the phone’s angle can be conversed freely. And it is portable and easy to set .

Takes you no time at all to put this on your phone and inside the car!

This thing works great when needing your phone where you can see your
phone when using the GPS or talking on the phone without holding you phone.

Product description

Main Features:
1)Universal Compatibility: perfect for any phone in your car, home and office.
2)Powerful magnet:  It’s super-strong and absolutely safe for your phone or GPS, and it could bear 4kg.
3)360° Free Rotation: With a metal ball in the middle of the car phone holder, prevent your device from falling 360 free rotation, you can rotate your phone or swivel your device at any angle as you like.

Base’s diameter: 3cm, Base’s height: 3.5cm (include metal ball’s diameter), and the length of the finger ring is 3cm or so.

Set up instruction:
1)Use the base patch to fix the product on the surface of where you want your device placed.
2)Attach the magnetic finger ring to the back of your device.
3)Make the magnetic finger ring cling to the metal ball of the base.

Package includes:
magnetic finger ring
Car bracket base and the base patch

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