Saturday, September 16, 2017

Weirdbeast Safety Baby Magnetic Cabinet Locks

Weirdbeast Safety Baby Magnetic Cabinet Locks
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My son is two years old now and i will tell you what
no matter what locks i have used my son always
gets into what ever it is i have locked up..

So when i got to review these locks i was crazy excited
as i'm sure you can understand!

These use 3M tape so they stick crazy strong and they
don't move which i love!  

Product description

Locked Up for Your Baby Safety
Do you often annoy that your little kids open cabinets and drawers frequently? Do you always scare that some dangerous tools in your cabinets might hurt your children?
Don't worry about them anymore, the Weirdbaest Baby Safety Magnetic Locks can solve your problems. It adopted magnetic technology to lock your cabinets or drawers, only few minutes to install without any screws, exactly keeping your toddlers far away from danger.

Save Time & Effort With Our Installation Cradle
Unlike old generation magnetic cabinet locks that require drilling and screws, our locks are installed within seconds,
using our unique Installation Cradle that enables you to find the right place for the lock every time!

Ready To Use Whenever You Need It!
Some people ask : Can the lock work only some of the time? And the answer is – YES!
Our locks are designed with an on/off button. So if the lock is bothering you when the child is not present, you can just turn it off.

Seller Warranty:
12-Month Replacement Warranty
60-Day Money Back Guarantee
Lifetime Support Guarantee

Package Includes:
4 * Magnetic Locks
4 * Latches with 3M Adhesive Strips
1 * Key
1 * Key-Base
1 * Installation Cradle
1 * Instruction Manual

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