Monday, August 24, 2015

Detangler - Detangling Brush - No More Pain

Detangler - Detangling Brush - No More Pain

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(My Review)

I love this brush!
 I plan on keeping this brush for traveling purposes
it fits right inside the palm of your hand 
and it is easy to use. It doesn't pull or tug on your hair.
It slides right through your hair.
I have a very sensitive scalp and i have to be careful with what hair
brushes i use and this one is PERFECT!
Order this you will not be disappointed!

Product Description

Color:Colorful Circles
Do you or your daughter have beautiful long hair that tangles easily and knots up?
Are you spending hours sorting out of the mess every day?
Do you dread the ordeal every morning during hair brushing, with all the screaming, crying, whining, and complaining?
**The Detangler Detangling Brush is Made Just for You & Your Daughter
Control & detangle 99% of all hair types - cute designs are fun for kids and adults
No more pain - no discomfort, no snag, no ripping, no yanking, no breakage
Save an hour a day - reduce your brushing time from an hour to just 3 minutes
Healthy & beautiful hair - gentle bristles glide through tangles to give you silky and smooth hair
Be a hero to your daughter - no more howling and screaming
**Be Happy. No Stress.
Brushing your (or your children's) tangled hair should be a relaxing and enjoyable process. For instance, brushing your daughter's hair is a fantastic opportunity to bond and share an intimate moment. With The Detangler, you never have to worry about pain and suffering again.
**Petite Size. Quality Design.
The petite size makes The Detangler easy to carry in your purse wherever you go. It's also great for kids to use to brush their own hair. Collect all 4 designs. The bristles will not lose shape or yank/catch hair, and are durable & long lasting.
**A Fun & Extremely Useful Gift
For the women and girls in your life. Of course, men can use it too!
**100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Works for 99% of hair types. But if it doesn't work for you, we have a 100% money back guarantee.

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