Saturday, August 22, 2015

Little Bobo Bath Toy Organizer

Little Bobo Bath Toy Organizer
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(My Review)

As many know i am currently pregnant 
so getting items like this is amazing and exciting for me!

I have 2 nephews and have watched them ALOT
At bath time it can become a mess with all their bath tools
so having this is amazing and so helpful!

If you have children this is a must!

Product Description

Don't you hate it when your kids bath toys are cluttering the bath tub or even when you need to keep bringing the toys back and forth to the bathroom during your kids bath time? Well, Little BoBo Bath Toy Organizer will help organize and save you time by holding all your kids bath toys in one holder. The Little BoBo Bath Toy Organizer is easy to setup and use. The mesh design on the product will air dry the bath toys after use and it is made with 100% Polyester so the product itself will be mold resistant. The extra bonus suction holders included in Little BoBo Bath Toy Organizer can hold more bath toys or you can use them for extra hooks to hold other bathroom products. Plus, Little BoBo Toy Organizer comes with six rubber duckies to start your child's bath toy collection. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee IMPORTANT:The suction cups are perfect for smooth tiles and mirrors. The suction cup is not made for wall paper, plaster, fabric, concrete, or uneven surface. You can soak the suction cups in warm water before use to make the suction cups soft.

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