Saturday, August 22, 2015

Eye mask sleep, Silk, Satin and Cotton eye mask

Eye mask sleep, Silk, Satin and Cotton eye mask 

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This mask is one of a kind
it sits lower on your face to prevent any light from getting in,
You can sleep in the bright of day with this mask because it is so dark

With my sleeping problems i have i am normally sleeping later in the moring when the sun comes up 
so this mask is a life saver for me!

This is a really comfortable mask to wear. It's made of nice silky material so it doesn't mess up your hair too much while wearing it. It stays on really nicely throughout the night and is thick.

Product Description

The ULTIMATE sleeping Mask. For Women, Men, Migraines and anyone who needs a good nights sleep. High quality mask the will shut out all light and let you focus on a deep sleep.

-Are you tired of being tired?
-does you husband or wife like to have the T.V on or other electronics at night?
-Maybe the light peaking through your window even bothers you?
-or migraines and other bodily issues keep you from relaxing.
Sleep is THEE most important factor in health as it is the time that your body needs to recover and build immunity back after a hard days work. If you cannot fall into a deep sleep you are not recovering for the next day ahead, and we all know... you cannot catch up on sleep!
Let the ULTIMATE sleep mask, guide you into a deep sleep that will allow you to wake up feeling ready for the day.

-Unlike other masks this mask is nice and big, does not have hard ridges like other masks on the market. Its all around a soft large mask that will cover the eyes without waking up with circles and lines.
-Unlike other masks small size, the ULTIMATE sleep mask covers enough surface of the face to block out all light.
-Unlike other masks the material does not lay right onto the eye.. but rather away to give the give room to breath.
-The outside is made out of luxurious satin while the inside is made out of cotton fabric. This allows the mask to stay on your face all night rather then slipping off during sleep.
-It has a velcro attachment that will allow any head size to wear it. The vecro is GOOD quality unlike others on the market, it will fasten and stay ON your head during the nights rest.
Get your ULTIMATE face mask today, stop skipping a good nights rest and reap the rewards of sleep!

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